E-mail us at, or call us at 419.475.3775 or 419.475.4790.
Afterward, we will contact you to accept payment for your spot in the tournaments through Paypal or Credit Card.

or you can paypal directly to
Just remember to put in the notes what it is for and your name.

The Strike Force Event has a registration fee of $20.

The GT has a registration fee of 45$ till December 31st, 60$ after December 31st.


59 OF 80

Last year the GCGT was very proud to have members of the "ETC" team, Da' Boys, Channel 4 News team, Team Happy, The Chicago Kamikazees, Man Beard Gaming, and many others!

Looking around to see who is registered... Look no further. Find one of your friends here and want to join them? Check out our registration page.

****This is slightly behind on being updated feel free to message me with questions****

1. Zach Bowles

2. Samir Kulkarni

3. Travis Henton

4. David Wells

5. Markus Spielhaupter

6. Ryan Hess

7. Cholyong Kim

8. Bill Kim

9. Allen Bajramovic

10. Daniel Samson

11. Dakota Clark

12. Chris McCosh

13. Ted Burger

14. Don Freeborn

15. Shawn Jones

16. John Seng

17. Robert Briggs Snodgrass

18. Jeremy Tucker

19. John Williams

20. Brad Chester

21. You could be next!!!!!!

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